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Diamond Auto Salon is the industry's leader in automotive paint protection. In this category of protection we are referring to clear bra; An 8-mil thick layer of clear film used mainly on high impact areas to protect your vehicle from road hazards like rocks and debris. Choose between the ultimate full vehicle coverage or a premium front end protection to tackle more impact prone areas like your front bumper, mirrors and headlights. We use high quality names like Suntek, Hexis, 3m, STEK and many more. All of our installers are certified and trained to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship. 



The most important part of a well installed clear bra is prior preparation of the surfaces you will be protecting. In most cases a clear bra is best installed shortly after the purchase of a new car. But even then, new cars have trapped contaminants and fine scratches left behind from days out on the dealer lot. 

It is our duty to make sure your panels are in pristine condition prior to applying any film solutions. Our goal is to make your car look like it did the day it was built, not the day it was bought. 


Once we have confirmed that the vehicle is now contaminant and scratch free we can begin the process of either plotting or free-hand cutting the protection package you have chosen:

  • Single Panel 

  • Full Front End (Bumper, Hood, Fenders)

  • Full Car 

No car is created equal. Although we prefer plotted kits that are cut out to exact measurements, some vehicles require custom bulk piece installation. Both processes have their advantage and disadvantages but at the end of the day, share a common goal - to be unseen. 




Now for the most rewarding and satisfying part of the clear bra process - the application. Used with some of the worlds most harmless chemicals, clear bra is stretched, squeegeed and conformed around parts of the vehicle with mixtures of water, soap, and isopropyl alcohol. 

A youtube video might have instilled some confidence in your clear bra abilities but there are multiple factors that determine a well installed clear bra. Stretch lines, distortion, and dust bubbles are a few signs of improper installation. Clear bra requires several years of experience to perform and requires climate controlled environments that are free from any dust or debris. Don't say we didn't warn you!


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