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Ceramic Coating

Welcome to the 21st Century reformulated and strongly advanced wax! Ceramic coating has become one of the most effective ways to protect your vehicles paint through chemistry and nanotechnology. With the science behind automotive paint in collaboration with covalent bonding, Diamond Auto Salon presents you with a permanent shell-like sealant that creates an ultra slick, hydrophobic, scratch resistant, and uv protectant shield over your current vehicle clear coat. Forget about waxing your car every month! With Feynlab's ceramic coating products, you can be sure that your factory paint feels baby smooth and maintains excellent condition for up to 7 years with a single application!   


Hydrophobic Effect


The chemistry of ceramic coating and its ability to harden like a shell over your existing paint creates an extremely hydrophobic effect that rejects water, dust, and debris. This rejection is what stops dust from scratching beneath your clear coat and sprinkler water from hardening into white permanent spots. 

Paint has pores within each layer just like the human skin!

Now imagine these pores filled with Feynlab's ceramic product and hardening above your paint to disallow any further contaminates from getting trapped beneath the surface. This protects the substrate's pores from being filled by unwanted contaminants and staining permanently. 

Self-Cleaning Effect

With such extreme hydrophobic properties comes the self-cleaning effect of ceramic nanotechnology. As your vehicle progressively gets dirtier, debris will sit above the surface and either fly off with normal wind speeds or bond itself to water gliding off the vehicle. 

For those who love to off-road but limit themselves because of the mess or those who live in hillsides and dryer areas with excess dirt paths, ceramic coating is a must.


Scratch Resistance


Are you sick of looking at your car in reflection and only seeing a spiderwebbing pattern of scratches covering your beautiful metallic paint? If your answer is yes, look no further for the ultimate protection against love marks from local car washes and improper maintenance.

Since the coating is a shielded protection over your existing paint, you can be sure that any webbing or light scratches are forming on the coating and not your actual paint. With proper care and professional maintenance Feynlab ceramic coating will protect you from the absurd amount of scratches you might be experiencing! 


Self-Healing Effect

Now for the most revolutionary part that makes Diamond Auto Salon different than any other local ceramic coating installer: Self-Healing.

As of now there is only a single company with proven results for a self-healing ceramic coating that cures itself of fine scratches in the sun or even with hot water! This company is called Feynlab! 

This is the perfect solution to a black or dark vehicle that seems to easily leave behind light scratches from towel wipes or other environmental conditions.


Convertible & Interior Protection


Coffee spill? Soaked convertible top? Say no more.

Introducing Feynlab's extremely hydrophobic coating meant to protect you from everyday interior spills and your vehicles convertible top. 

It has never been so easy to maintain your cloth seats and keep your soft top looking uber clean! 

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